"Go hard, go retail - we need to sell".

This was our brief for Ultra. Our solution - instead of trying to shout even louder than everyone else in the marketplace, we decided to sing. By creating a campaign that was distinctive, on brand, and hard hitting in its simplicity, we not only increased traffic to the sales centre, but attracted prospects that we’re more informed and further along in the decision to purchase.

“The campaign B3 designed for Ultra continues to increase awareness for our project. We have seen immediate results. Our team is writing more deals. We are seeing more engaged realtors, as well as return visitors, and have even seen an increase in a more sophisticated clientele. Thank you to the B3 team for elevating our brand and customer experience, people have definitely taken notice.”

- TAMARA PEAKER   |   Marketing Director

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Developer: WestStone Group   |   Sales & Marketing: S&P Destination Properties


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